4 Best Brain Games (android and iOS)

best Brain Games

While playing basic vector games on your mobile phone when it’s stuck in traffic may seem like the most useful way to overcome boredom, there are better ways to kill time than walking around the whiskey or choking sweets. We will discuss about best Brain Games.

One of these alternatives to bugs on a smartphone is a puzzle game. Puzzles have been around for some time, even before they became smartphone applications. Puzzle resolution, IQ tests or new word learning have long been available in the form of scrubbing, 100-bit puzzles or analytical tasks in various standardized tests. Not only can you increase your intelligence, but you can also improve your memory and allow your brain to scan faster. In the form of applications, these types of games have become much more interesting and visually fascinating to help you learn something, postponing to a later date. Here are four applications you can try:

Word search
Dictionary search (Android, iOS)
This game is a personal favorite of your servants and will probably keep you busy for a long time because of its addictive nature. The scheme of the best brain game is simple. On the page will be scattered letters, and you need to find all the possible words of scattered text as quickly as possible. This game will not only help you expand your vocabulary, but will also allow the brain to remain vigilant and responsive.

Brain training applications
Education (Android, iOS)
This game is specially designed to help you stay more focused, improve your memory and improve your oral skills. The application provides an individual training program for each user, which helps everyone to get in-depth training on the most important cognitive skills. The game has a free version and a 14-day free trial for a paid version.

Improve your mind and memory.
Brightness (Android, iOS)
Perhaps the most popular puzzle app in the group, Lumosity consists of well-designed puzzles that will help you stay alert and active. The adult version includes over 40 different games designed to improve your critical thinking, memory and problem-solving skills. The application will also help you to define a basic value to see how you behave among people of your age group.

4 Brain Training Applications
Happify (Android, iOS)
Although it is important to improve mental skills, an important part of mind-control is the control of one’s own mental health. This app will help you do just that. Happify consists of games that help you reduce stress and improve your mental health. You can even track your progress and create a customized program to meet your needs.

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