15 Smart Tactics to Increase Affiliate Marketing Sales In 2020

Smart Tactics to Increase Affiliate Marketing Sales

Will you start your Affiliate marketing in 2020 or have you already started it but still not successfully completed it? Have you wasted too much time in your affiliate marketing business without getting the expected reward?Don’t worry anymore, because you still have time to grow into a successful affiliate marketer. In this article we will discuss about 15 Smart Tactics to Increase Affiliate Marketing Sales In 2020. 


The problem is actually that you haven’t taken the right paths that are really effective in generating more affiliate marketing sales. If you want to be rewarded for affiliate marketing, you need some proven tactics that will help you. I think you are in the right place to become a successful affiliate marketer.

We actually focus more on a short-term plan, which is not good for success. It may bring some money, but this success will not last long. Most affiliate marketers do not know what will increase affiliate marketing sales in the long run.

How can you increase affiliate marketing sales?
In this article I will present some personal ideas that are really good to increase your affiliate marketing sales. Let’s read more about 7 proven tactics to increase your affiliate marketing sales.

1. Building a trusted relationship with your audience
Before you can force something or recommend something to people, you need a good relationship with them. You should have a relationship so that people trust you. If you tell them that these products are best, then people will trust you when you talk. But it is not so easy to build a trusting relationship with your readers.

To achieve this, you have to do something:

  • Write some good content for your audience.
    Respond quickly to their comments and questions.
    Give a clear direction for your topics.
    Share your true story.
    Connect them in a social network

If you’re trying to make something happen in the online marketplace, you need a good number of people listening to you. I think if you always follow these tricks, you will soon have a good and trustworthy audience.

2. Use targeted product keywords
The common goal of all affiliate marketers is to make money with the sales of the partners. Therefore, you need to use targeted product keywords in your review articles. If you try to highly rate phrases like “buy travel equipment” or “buy travel accessories”, it can take a lot of time to rate your site. However, there’s a better way to target keywords for product names, and your site will appear higher in the ranking when you use targeted keywords. Write reviews that are optimized for product name keywords. Not only will you be ranked more easily, but you will also receive consistent traffic from search engines, which will significantly increase your affiliate sales.

3. Create a beautiful landing page
Do you know why you need a landing page?

Actually, a landing page can offer you a lot of support in a simple way. With this landing page you can create an affiliate sales funnel.

A landing page is not only a simple page, but it also contains many useful things like email marketing automation, autoresponders, webinar registration, retargeting campaign, etc. Do you already use individual landing pages as an integrated part of your company’s online sales funnel? If not, then you should create a fantastic landing page in your website. It will help you to increase your affiliate marketing sales in a short time.

4. Use email autoresponders more effectively
You know that email marketing is one of the most popular online marketing tools to increase traffic and sales. The autoresponder is an effective part of email marketing to promote your affiliate product. And more than that, autoresponder is your opportunity to passively promote your affiliate product. You can say that if you have a well-functioning autoresponder system, you will be able to make affiliate sales automatically. But how can you use the autoresponder more effectively? The secret is to know the flow of thoughts of your potential customers and to create autoresponder series based on this flow of thoughts. In the previous section I talked about the landing page. With the landing page you can collect the emails of your target group and create a list for autoresponders.


5. Create an eBook
Yes, I am talking about creating an eBook!

An eBook can be the best buddy to increase your affiliate sales.

Anyone can easily share product-related documents without the help of document sharing websites. If you want to share documents to increase your affiliate sales, you can do so by uploading a good eBook related to your affiliate product. The key is to provide good information in your eBook so people can learn from it. At the bottom of your eBook you can add the link to your website where you can create a list or promote an affiliate product.

6. Create short video tutorials
Short videos are a trend in today’s digital world.

Everybody likes short videos because you can learn great things in a short time. You can create some short videos or tutorials for your target products. How to use these products correctly and also share the advantages and disadvantages. You can include these short videos in your reviews so that people learn more about the products.

Short videos increase the value of your content to the audience, and people will buy products through your affiliate links. You can also use a short video on your landing page to convey a special message for building email lists.

Also, short video tutorials can help you get more visitors to your website. Let’s see what to do;

  • Create 2-3 videos per week.
  • Focus on products with useful tips.
  • The length of the short videos should be within 3-7 minutes.
  • Use different titles and descriptions in your videos.
  • Submit each of your videos to 3-5 video sharing sites

7. Social marketing and Link building
Social media marketing and link building are different things, but you should continue to do both to increase affiliate sales. Try to create some backlinks to related or targeted websites. It will have a big impact on your search engine rank if you get a good rank in Google. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social networks, but they are not limited to your marketing. There are so many networking sites that are just full of marketers and buyers. If you find this type of social site and increase your profile with active followers, it will help to increase affiliate marketing sales.
If you are lazy with social marketing or link building, you can easily outsource it. There are many freelancers who can best support you in this. If there is only one thing you need to outsource in your affiliate marketing business, make sure it is social marketing and link building.

8. Use buttons to call actions:
Many of us create an article with the aim of promoting sales through affiliates, but these affiliate links are hard to find. One thing you need to understand is that the majority of your readers will scan the article and click on which one is prominent.

Using action call buttons can help your readers to clearly see the action point, and so you will start getting more CTR and therefore higher conversion.

WordPress has a built-in function to add action call buttons, which are called “buttons
And you can add text and a link to the button. You can also adjust the background color to your design and increase the CTR.
If you display coupons and discounts on your blog, you should use the affiliate coupon plugin. This has a feature called “Click to reveal” which is used by many top affiliate sites to significantly increase their sales.

9. Use tables to make it easier to find
Using a table is another easy way to get more clicks on your affiliate links. In particular, if you create a list, you can add an eye-catching table at the top of your article to get more clicks.
The table also helps readers compare products in a digestible way. WordPress also has a built-in table feature that you can use to add a table.
My recommendation is to play around with the table function of WordPress and find the design that works best for you. If you are not satisfied with the standard table function of WordPress, you can use one of these comparison table WordPress plugins.

If you are promoting Amazon affiliate products, use this amazing AAWP plugin to increase your sales.


10. Use Exit-Intent pop-up banners
So over the last few months I have been experimenting with a pop-up window to increase affiliate sales, and here are the results:
Notice how this pop-up uses the AIDA framework, which stands for attention, interest, desire and action. The social evidence at the end is also the icing on the cake.

If the term “exit-intent” is new to you, it basically means that the pop-up is displayed when users want to leave your site by clicking the “Close” button.

I have used this function extensively since 2020 and have experienced a major change in the process.

To use this feature, you need a plugin or tool that offers an exit intent pop-up. I use OptinMonster, which has the industry’s best Exit-Intent technology and is also very accurate. The price starts at $29/month, which can even be covered with a single sale.

A few tricks to make it work best for you:

Apply the AIDA frame to design your banner
Create 2/3 variants of the banner and test them (Optinmonster has the built-in function)
Use page-level targeting to display the banner on the pages that are most likely to convert.

11. Search for new offers:
Many new bloggers usually copy the offers advertised by existing bloggers. While this does indeed work, there is an untapped opportunity to outwit even the smartest bloggers.

Find new offers to promote.

Be the first to introduce new tools and offers. Much of this could be achieved by browsing the dashboards of your existing affiliate networks.

For example, if you use ShareASale, you can check their “Power Rank” to find new affiliate products to promote. Since the program listed here is already making big sales (that’s why it’s in the “Power Rank”), this means that your existing readers may like it too.
Most affiliate networks also have such a list, and if you browse it from time to time, you will discover amazing affiliate offers.

Take a look: Top Affiliate Networks to find new offers
These were some of the feasible steps to increase member sales, and now it is time to look at some of the theoretical sides of it. Otherwise, practice alone has never helped many.


12. Build on your reputation
Your reputation will be one of the most useful tools in your mission to make money online. It’s really just common sense. If your viewers trust you and the material you give them, it will be easier for them to trust the products you sell or into which you lead them.

If you don’t want to sell a product yourself, then you can simply lead them to other websites and earn money with leads. But be careful what this does to your reputation. Always make sure that you lead your viewers to a reliable website.

My suggestion: Before you advertise a product, you should try it out and write about it. Write tutorials or instructions on how to use it and how it has changed your life. This approach ensures that people will love your judgment, and blog posts or videos can help you answer all the common questions.

13.Get more organic traffic – use SEO
More traffic to your website means a better chance to sell more with your affiliates. It is a rule that if you want to make money online, you need to target people.

You must build your website around the idea of attracting your target people. This is done by using keywords, good material and so on. This will result in your website being visible in the search engines.

Even if you have no experience with marketing affiliates, you will find that more traffic makes it easier for you to make money from leads.

I would suggest that you use WordPress to build your next affiliate website and refer to this big list of the best WordPress plugins for SEO and optimize your website for better ranking.

Read: Tips for personal branding – How to create a personal brand

14. Base your actions on conversion
If you market your partners, you must always consistently upgrade every week, if possible every day. You must perform these actions based on conversion rates.

For example, if you have 300 visitors per day and only 3 of them click on your link or product, you need to change the way you market. Think from the customer’s perspective.

Does something on your website make them click on a link or product?

Then divert ideas from that. Does something on your website make them not want to buy the product? Then remove these things and avoid them.

These are some of the basic steps you can follow, but I would suggest that you thoroughly investigate the product you are promoting. If you’re advertising a product that’s a hot topic and people are going to buy it immediately, you should go for viral advertising.

Let me know what strategies you have implemented to increase your affiliate sales? Do you have any other tricks we should know about? Let us read in the comments section below.

15. Place Banners Within a Blog Post:
Research has shown that when you use the banner in the sidebar and within the blog post, you click only 10% on the banner in the sidebar, but 90% on the banner within the blog post.

So I suggest that you place the banner not only in the sidebar, but also in the blog posts.

However, I suggest that you add the banner after the last paragraph of your blog post.

If you use this method, your CTR and affiliate sales will increase defiantly.

15.Build Trust:
That’s the main factor that affects your income.

If you write a review article about MyThemeShop or any other affiliate program, don’t just focus on the advantages, but also inform your readers about the disadvantages in order to build trust between you and your readers.

How will this affect your income?

Suppose you write a review article on this topic that contains some scam and you don’t tell your blog readers about it. He or she buys this topic through your affiliate link and after the purchase, finds that the topic doesn’t work properly or has some drawbacks.

Then they don’t believe you in any review and stop reading your blog. For just one sale you have lost customers for your new affiliate products who never buy a product through you.

I hope you now understand how important it is to build trust with your readers.

Product comparison blog posts

Did you know that I made 2 affiliate sales with only 30 page views and only 10 unique clicks on my affiliate link?


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