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‘’ Loses Domain Name Following Court Order (Update)

With tens of millions of monthly visits is an indispensable streaming video site for many people.

Until last weekend, the site was ranked 252nd among the most visited sites on the Internet and is particularly popular in the United States, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

As one of the largest “pirate sites” on the Internet, Patlocker is a pain in the neck for rights holders. It has also been on the radar of the U.S. government after the office of the U.S. sales representative put it on the annual list of “known markets,” but actually called it a false territory.

This week, the site has another problem with the domain. After the domain name was not disguised at the end of last year, the recent fall of also disappeared. is now part of EuroDNS.


TorrentFreak contacted Luke Schufer, EuroDNS’ legal director, who told us that they would have to take this decisive measure in connection with the ruling of the Luxembourg District Court.

Last week the court ruled in favor of the Belgian Entertainment Association, which demanded that the registrar suspend the domain. To prevent the Putlocker operator from transferring it to another registrar, EuroDNS is now listed as the owner.

The change of ownership was the only way to implement the decision, according to which EuroDNS should prevent the “reactivation” of this domain name before it expires,” – informs us Seufer.

“Our client was duly informed and received a copy of the decision,” he adds.

The Putlocker team has not yet made a decision on this matter. The official Facebook page has not been updated since the failure, despite the flow of questions from users. The last message refers to last week and concerns the previous “attack”.

At the time, the site also warned against trusting various imitators, which paradoxically are now widely advertised elsewhere on the Facebook page.

To learn more about the nature of the order blocking and other possible purposes, we have contacted the Belgian Entertainment Association. However, at the time of publication we had not yet received a response.

Refresh: The former domain seems to be working again. It was registered in the name of the same person who registered for several months. It was the “new” owner who took over the at the end of last year, after the first problems began. We do not know whether the site is managed by the old team or not.