Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg are one of the hot topics discussed at this time. Generally, film producers take the time to film the real event. But now, if they have a good story, they don’t want to wait too long. there is a new film with Mark Zuckerberg is coming soon. The “social network” published in 2010 is an example. The photo is surrounded by the first days of the establishment of Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg. Aaron Sarkin wrote the script. Jessie Eisenberg played it

In a recent interview with Associated Press, Aaron Sarkin said that producer Scott Rudin had proposed to create a possible follow-up for the film “The Social Network”. The question is not yet definitive. But he thinks it’s time for the next part of the film. Previously, “the social network” had been commercially successful and critics were praising it.


Sarkin said that after the release of the first film about Facebook and Zuckerberg, there was a lot of fun going on, which could be the continuation of the film. So, they are going to new film with mark Zuckerberg. These include the fact that Facebook is tied to the hand, which is now known as Cambridge Animation Scandal. Apart from that, there are various problems related to Russia’s intervention in the 2016 presidential elections, the purchase of WhatsApp and Instagram and their growth. A new story could start from the story of “The Social Network”. However, some fictional and dramatic things can be added for entertainment.

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