Computer users are familiar with the term “virus”. In this case, “Virus” is basically a harmful computer program that is unintentionally damaged by the user who enters his computer. Over time, computers have become more powerful and the virus has also evolved. In this article we will learn whether is it okay to use multiple antivirus at a time?

Antivirus software is designed to protect against malware. Antivirus is also a program that guides the virus. This forces the antivirus to detect and disable the virus – at least try it.
Microsoft’s Windows operating system is one of the most risky platforms to attack viruses due to user overhead costs. Microsoft has developed its own antivirus and security tool “Windows Security Essentials” for its Windows operating system. This does not work very well, but for Windows 10, they provide Windows Defender Antivirus by default. It’s quite modern and quite effective. In addition, various companies have developed a free and paid antivirus software for Windows PCs.

Is it good or bad to use several antivirus software?

Since antivirus programs protect against malware or viruses, many new computer users believe that if they use multiple antivirus programs, it is possible to provide the computer with 100% protection. But that is not the case. In many cases, this can lead to a reversal.

If you use authentic windows, Windows Defender will protect you very well. If you continue to update the usual Windows Defender virus definitions, your computer will be relatively secure. Since Windows’ default antivirus is quite powerful today, many experts believe that it is not necessary to use one or more third-party antivirus software.

If you are using several antivirus software, you may encounter the following problems.
They may consider themselves a “virus”.
Because the antivirus keeps your PC in sight, it always monitors your system information. Since these viruses detect and destroy viruses, these antivirus programs can think about the behavior of each of them as much as the virus.

In this case, your antivirus may be considered as another antivirus “virus” and it may be necessary to stay one behind the other. As a result, you will receive notifications several times and the normal operation of the computer will be blocked. Several times, he can hang up the very bad PC, which is very embarrassing.

May cause unnecessary concerns about the virus

Remember that you are using two antivirus applications. The other problem may be that, if there is a virus in the PC, these two antiviruses will detect this virus. Well, that’s a very good thing! But the idea is that if one antivirus disables the virus before it is detected, the other antivirus will not know immediately. You will have the impression that the virus previously detected is still present and you warn.

The second antivirus program will not work properly even after a new scan and removal of the virus, because it cannot get any trace of the virus in its database and there is nothing it can do! Otherwise, an unstable situation can be created in the PC.

Reduce computer performance

Nothing else, even if the antivirus programs are running, they will take up at least a lot of RAM for your PC. In addition, CPU usage is increasing. As a result, computers seem to be slower than usual. In addition, the laptop will be charged faster.

For Windows 10 users

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s most modern operating system, including the powerful antivirus function. As I said earlier, Windows Defender will keep you securely updated without installing other antivirus programs (even premium) if you keep it updated regularly.

But there is no way to deny that there are many third-party paid antivirus products that offer more features than Windows Defender.

Therefore, if you want to use another antivirus software with Windows Defender, some Windows Defender functions must be closed. Of course, if you activate the second antivirus program, Windows will stop the Windows Defender / Windows Security application itself. In this case, it will not be confused with your second antivirus.

Simple, it is not correct to use several antivirus programs at once. Microsoft itself does not support the simultaneous use of multiple antivirus programs. Various antivirus manufacturers, such as Kaspersky and Symantec, have also expressed negative reactions to the simultaneous use of several antiviruses.

So we shouldn’t use more than one antiviruses in one computer

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