Netflix is one of the most successful applications. Most of its users, however, just open it, choose a movie or series and hit the play. A shame, considering that there are a lot of options to improve the Netflix experience. We’ll tell you about them here.
We have selected for you some of the options of Netflix that are not very well known and yet are very useful, ranging from comfort to improve security. Do not miss them!

1. Improve quality… for free!

Remember when you chose your Netflix package? You can choose between several alternatives, ranging from the function of the number of possible simultaneous


to the quality of video playback (standard, HD and Ultra HD). You should know that you can still choose to have better quality than the default one in the series, movies or documentaries you download.

To change it on your smartphone, just open the application and go to “Video Quality”. By default, the “standard” option is selected. So you know what you have to do if you want to increase the quality…

On your computer, go to “Settings” (by clicking on your profile on the top right) and then to “Account”. Below you’ll find the “Play Settings”, where you’ll find the different playback modes. Choose the one that interests you the most.

But we’ll tell you something else. In this menu you also have the option to disable automatic playback of the next episode. Very useful sometimes. And although it’s wonderful to be able to chapter after chapter without waiting, it’s also easy to get trapped and not be able to stop.

2. Remove content from ‘Continue Viewing

We talked about this specific point in an article, and we remind you again: it is possible to get rid of the titles that are stored in the “Continue viewing” section. And that’s just as

well, because sometimes you start something you don’t want to see again.

Just click on your profile, go to “Account” and then to “History”. There you’ll find “My Activity”, which lists everything you’ve seen. Click on the crossed out circle to hide the movie/episode, and if you want to delete all the series in the category, just click on “Hide the series”.

3. Exit the test program

You may never have had problems with Netflix, but you can be part of a trial version without even knowing it. That was my case. To my surprise I discovered that I was participating in test experiments (let’s not blame Netflix, I certainly accepted the option without thinking about it).

Anyway, a single click is enough to return to the standard experience. Again, you must go to your account settings and click on “Participation in the test”. This will take you to this page, disable the option and you’re done.
4. Check which IP your account connects to (and when)
Netflix is a widely used application and attracts many account thieves. Pirates, as they are often called. Many users have already complained about their account being stolen (a good password is important, it’s always good to remember), so it’s interesting to check who is accessing your account and when.

With this in mind, Netflix allows you to view all connections to your account. The IP address, country, day and date are displayed so you can quickly see if anyone has had access. This possibility is also very useful for parents, as they can check if the youngest in the house are watching certain movies or series in secret.
To access this feature, simply go to your account options and then to “Recent Streaming Activity”. You will then come to this page that lists all the login information.

5. Netflix Gift Cards: use them

As you know, to enjoy Netflix you have to subscribe to the service and pay a certain amount per month. If you’re lucky, maybe you know someone who gives you a gift card: it comes with an available balance so you can get rid of paying (the duration depends on the value of the gift card, of course). The only problem is that it is not possible to use a gift card if you pay for your Netflix package with Google Play or iTunes. In all other cases, the system works smoothly.

To validate a card, you must go to this Netflix page, enter the code, and you’re done. You can find these cards in many stores, usually sold in the same place as Google Play and other types of high-tech cards. You can find more information about this service on the dedicated Netflix page.

Hoping that, you may Improve Netflix Experience with These tricks if you follow strictly.