Are you negligent to your health or do not pay proper attention to your health. Then you are going to face the following problems in your health. You may not know that, mere negligence caused the following diseases to your body. So, lets discuss a number of diseases caused by negligence.

Number #1:

Never get used to lying on your side, reading a book, checking your phone, sitting with your head down while writing. This can lead to an AnnaSophia (more vision in one eye than in the other).
When you have 300 degrees in your left eye and zero in your right eye. Can you imagine a trance when you look at the world?
Girls who care about their appearance will eventually notice a slight difference in eye size.
Number 2:
Extreme diet control can lead to hair loss, calcium deficiency, chronic fatigue or excessive agitation, dry hair, pore enlargement, skin darkness, and you may look older than you really are. Sometimes you think you’re losing weight, but in fact you’re losing vitality.
Nosebleeds, tooth bleedings at night, poor sleep quality, excessive sleep, emotional sensitivity, neurasthenia are all possible side effects of extreme feeding.
Number 3:
You may have started to get up from puberty and eventually found yourself drowsy during the day and particularly energetic at night. Even if there is time to catch up during the day, it is not a normal state of life.
You think you’re still young, strong and strong, but everything that happens to you later, including hair loss, bad skin, lack of energy, loss of memory, and so on, has to do with getting up late or not sleeping all night when you’re young.

Number 4:

Do not do excessive exercise. If you jump, run and fall in a basketball game, you should know that one injury to the disc, rotator, Achilles tendon, meniscus or cruciform ligament is a death sentence. The only way to make them normal is to be reborn.

Number: 5 :
Hemorrhoids are very likely to be a disease for sitting office workers, and with the increase in sitting time in the modern state of the disease is widespread among young people. Be careful if you notice blood in the chair. Seek medical attention immediately.
Number 6:

Gout is bad news for any young alcoholic. My brother-in-law, a drunkard, started drinking seafood as a teenager.
He started to have gout symptoms before he was thirty years old. At the age of thirty, he was scared, but it was too late. Now he is almost 40 years old and cannot buy shoes that suit him (Tofus is very tall). Essentially, he has lost his ability to work and can hardly walk.
Number 7:
Carelessness is a possible lack of concentration when it comes to focusing on a particular opportunity or situation. Carelessness is a hallmark of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which can affect both adults and children and adolescents. Negligence in ADHD is usually accompanied by symptoms such as arousal, difficulties with silent behavior, problems with professional activity, too many words and difficulties.

Negligence can also be caused by external factors such as distractions, psychological stress, anxiety, frustration, irritation, anger or additional mood swings.
Negligence can also be associated with medical problems affecting a person’s cognitive abilities, such as myocardial infarction or dementia. Negligence is observed in typical babies and is considered a disorder only in excess and is associated with problems of normal functioning. Depression and related conditions can cause mood swings, including lack of attention and curiosity about normal daily activities.

Negligence at an early age can lead to improper decisions and increase the risk of traumatic accidents. This can hinder education, cause discomfort in the classroom and reduce economic potential.

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