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Gustuff Malware attacks crypto-currencies and banking applications

Gustuff Malware
A new malware is making its mark on Android and attacking the most popular banking applications, as well as crypto-currencies. His name: Gustuff. The greatest...

WhatsApp Messenger will Soon no Longer Work on these Smartphones

WhatsApp Messenger will Soon no Longer Work on these Smartphones
WhatsApp is cleaning up and will soon no longer be available on some smartphones. As announced, the first mobile phones will fall off the...

Android 10 and Android Q: Samsung Smartphones and Tablets Receive Update

Android 10
This year, Android reaches version 10 and runs on more than 2.5 billion active devices. A lot has changed since version 1.0, when smartphones...

In 2021, Your Carte Vitale Will be On Your Smartphone

Carte Vitale
What is Carte Vitale The Carte Vitale is the health insurance card of the national health system in France. It was introduced in 1998 to...

Avengers EndGame Review: Doing Miracle

Avengers Endgame Review
The rotten tomato score for Avengers: The avengers endgame review  revealed in rotten tomato, and it's confirmed: the movie is great. The film currently...

Potato For Skin Whitening

Potato for Skin whitening
The Role of Potato For Skin Whitening The potato or raw potato is a very beneficial food also for skin care, especially for its content...

How Can you Increase Phone Speed Easy Ways

Increase Phone Speed, Android Phone Speed increase
If you have questions like How to make your increase phone Speed and Make it perform  without delay by simple tricks, How to increase...