What is the Salary of Web Developer?

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Azam Shafiul Staff asked 10 months ago

Average Salary of Web Developer:

There’s no Concrete answer for how much money a web developer can earn as a salary – there are several factors that will determine a person’s salary. According to salary.com, the median salary (for employees) ranges from about $51,000 to about $76,000 USD depending on the level of experience. While the average income of freelance developers isn’t readily available information, I’ve seen some people claim that you can earn up to $150,000 USD as a freelance web developer.

Location Based Salary of Web Developer:

Location-based salary range as per my knowledge for Web Developers (Specialized in Frontend / Backend) with 3 – 5 years of experience.

Gurgaon, INDIA : Offering around 30–32 LPA – companies – Urbanclap, Rivigo, Tower Research Capital and few more startups.

Bangalore, INDIA : Offering more than 32 LPA – Companies – Flipkart, InMobi, Amazon, Swiggy etc.

Berlin,Germany : 70k Euro – Companies – Booking.com, Zalando etc

London,UK : 65–70k GBP (Approx 90 with perks) – Badoo, Zendesk etc.

California,USA : 100–120k USD – Opentable, Box, ThousandEyes etc.

Web Developer Salary according to Glassdoor.com: 

Glassdoor.com says that, the average salary of Web Developer is $93402