Crypto-currencies: 7,000 Bitcoins stolen from a marketplace

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Azam Shafiul Staff asked 6 months ago

A massive and meticulously organized piracy that allowed the equivalent of 36 million euros to be stolen.
A very important market place for crypto-currencies, Binance announces in a press release that it discovered a security breach on Tuesday, May 7. This reveals an unprecedented organization on the part of the perpetrators.
Compensated users
In its report, Binance details the implementation of piracy: through the recovery of double authentication codes, API keys and account identifiers via phishing, hackers have collected and aggregated no less than 7,000 bitcoins, equivalent to €36 million. They then transferred the entire amount in a single transaction, to Binance’s nose and beard.
“The transaction was conducted in such a way as to fool our security systems,” the statement said. However, Binance is not always aware of the number of users affected. However, they can rest assured: thanks to the implementation of the Secure Asset Fund for User set up last July, which levied 10% on all transactions, the sums will be refunded within one week. Deposits and withdrawals are blocked for the same amount of time.
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